Disney Uni, “Chuna” and Biscuits

One of my goals for my program was to meet tons of new people from all over the world. Magically, my roommate Krista ran into these two girls from Australia who lived in our building and invited them to hang out with us!
We found out they are doing the International Program and staying for a year. They live with 3 other Aussies and a girl from New Zealand. They were hilarious and I was obsessed with listening to their beautiful accents. They taught us a bunch of slang and explained the difference between our milky ways and theirs. Apparently, there are approximately 4 different chocolate bars in Australia. I gave them a taste of my Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Seasalt Caramel bar and they made fun of the way I say ‘caramel’.

Some random funny points in our conversation

– They don’t tip in Australia, so they assumed you tip everyone in America. One of the girls was avoiding eye contact with everyone at the airport and the other tried to tip the attendant at 7-11 twice. She didn’t understand why they kept rejecting her tip.

-They commented on the ridiculous sizes of french fries or “chips” we have here and “who honestly eats 2 cheeseburgers at once?!” ***raises hand***

-They call a veggie sandwich at Subway, a “salad sandwich” because veggies are broccoli, carrots, and squash.

– People apparently don’t notice their accents, while I noticed it right away. I’m a little obsessed… Hearing them swear is the best thing in the world.

One of the girls actually works in Hollywood Studios Merch too, only in backlot. She said she HATES her area but mine is going to be awesome. I will be working around the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, and glow for the Fantasmic fireworks show!!! She also said my costume is cute, so that made me excited!

There were some typical girl shenanigans and prank calls attempted. I felt like I was back in middle school for a while, which was kinda fun. We looked at their apartment and they made us try…. VEGEMITE. I said “yolo” and decided to try it…. wahhh

Imageno… just no. It tastes like dog food smells… with soy sauce. Apparently, they eat it on toast for breakfast and Kenz was eating it out of the jar with a spoon like peanut butter. Yuuuckk.

I hope we can hang out with them more often. They have already started work so it will be hard to match up our schedules.

Also, Krista made some bomb sangria that we have been talking about since we all decided on being roommates!Image


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